Season 1 - BPS

Who We Are

New 2.0 NFT Marketplace
playNomm started with a clear and unique objective of building a sustainable marketplace for the NFT community. playNomm is on the drive of creating a revolutionary platform that focuses on rewards and financial stability. With a clear understanding of how NFT users were having financial hardships with the token values depreciating, at playNomm we decided to build our own tokenomics that focuses on keeping the token value from value.
With Web 3.0 transitioning to a sustainable world with data sovereignty, playNomm cares to be the first DApp Service on the LeisureMetaverse platform. As the rise of the digital economy is near, more people are investing their time in creative activities. LeisureMetaverse is a digital community platform for this new era where leisure is the lifestyle and the economic activity.

This digital community of LeisureMetaverse aims to:

  1. 1.
    guarantee human respect and free will
  2. 2.
    provide trust and cooperation
  3. 3.
    create incalculable value with the creativity of members.

Our LeisureMetaverse project will be phased into three stages to make its mission more achievable-

  1. 1.
    The first stage of the project focuses on building an NFT marketplace platform that is built on a cryptocurrency-based ecosystem to form the basis of the digital economy.
  2. 2.
    The second stage focuses on the development of a metaverse where DAO members are configured in the first stage.
  3. 3.
    The third stage is the construction of a real city based on the LeisureMetaverse blockchain and its ecosystem.
The city called "Blockchain Twin City" is the ultimate goal of the LeisureMetaverse project and is to create a new horizon that combines virtual dimension and real dimension.

Earn rewards

The LeisureMetaverse is entirely built to motivate trade, increase usability, and earn rewards. It serves as a bridge between the virtual economy and the real economy, to build a transparent and safe economic ecosystem that can be used online/offline anytime, anywhere.


The uniqueness of playNomm is the community-driven reward structures and its own deflationary token that gives price certainty to its NFTs. This diminishes the issue relating to the limitation of the liquidity of the NFT market and inducing spontaneous trade of NFTs between users.

Users first

playNomm focuses on providing the users with an exceptional and engaging design and user-interface that makes NFT trading simple, efficient, and rewarding. With a simple and luxurious gallery design the experience of trading NFTs will be a great one!