How to Mint NFT

What is the purpose of minting?

People may have asked, "Why can't I simply screenshot an NFT?" Minting is part of the solution. When an NFT is issued, it is kept on the blockchain, where its ownership and legitimacy are verified. And because the blockchain record cannot be altered, the minting of an NFT marks the beginning of its immutable history.

Minting for collectors

Minting NFTs is not limited to creators. Typically, NFT projects will offer early access to their NFTs through a mint. When you mint an NFT from a project, you become the first owner of that NFT, since it is written to the blockchain during the minting process.

1. Set up a LM wallet

Go to How to Create LM Wallet to learn how to create LM wallet. It's super easy. It takes about 3 seconds to do it.

2. Go to Minting page

3. Select Project you want to mint

4. Mint it!