How to Fund LM via Metamask

How to Fund LM via Metamask

To begin purchasing or selling NFTs with playNomm, you will need digital currency, a crypto wallet, and a playNomm account. Let's get started

1. Purchase digital currency (LM)

You can purchase LM, the cryptocurrency that fuels transactions on the Leisure Metaverse blockchain, from a digital currency exchange such as Lbank. You'll need LM to "mint" an NFT, purchase an NFT, and for gas fees to complete transactions.
Now that you have LM, let's get a cryptocurrency wallet.

2. Install a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, saves your ETH and LM and conducts transactions on the blockchain based on Ethereum (Leisure Metaverse blockchain Included). You will be assigned a unique wallet address, which you will use to conduct transactions.
Read our guide to learn how to install a crypto wallet to connect with playNomm.
All transactions associated with your wallet address can be viewed on, an independent blockchain explorer. It's a good idea to check Etherscan after completing each transaction.

Why do I need a wallet before buying and selling on playNomm?

playNomm is a tool you use to interact with the blockchain. We never take possession of your items or store your NFTs. Instead, we provide a system for peer-to-peer exchanges. Since you’ll be using playNomm to interact directly with others on the blockchain, you’ll need a wallet to help you turn your actions in the browser into transactions on the blockchain.
Now that you have a crypto wallet installed, you can connect your wallet address to playNomm.

3. How to Connect Metamask to playNomm

Let's connect your wallet to playNomm to begin interacting on our platform. Navigate to playNomm and click the Wallet icon.
You will continue through multiple prompts, finishing with the connection screen. When you see "Connecting..." playNomm to your wallet, you're almost done.
If you ever have trouble viewing your items, make sure your wallet is connected correctly. playNomm is a window into your wallet address, showing all the NFTs inside.

4. How to Fund LM via Metamask

1. Go to Deposit section on My Wallet

2. Send LM to LM Wallet address displayed